Nirbhay Pherwani

Software Dev@Solu • AI@Champs, Inc. • Co-Founder@Chattodo • Full Stack Software Engineer • Machine Learning Explorer • 7+ Hackathon Victories • Ex - JPMorgan Chase • MS@RIT, MicroMasters@Columbia University.


Rochester, NY


+1 585.503.0347


What am I all about?

An individual with strong background in computer science and experience in building computer vision and deep learning based applications. A full stack developer with experience in working with Python, Java, React, Flask, Node.js and NoSql databases like Redis and Mongo, relational databases like MySql and OracleDB.

I have been a part of various government research teams. A serial hackathon winner, with over 7 victories in his name organized by government organizations like Make in India to top institutions like the IITs to Fortune 500 Companies like JPMorgan and Standard Chartered.

I have been covered by the The Hindu, DNA, The Times of India, The Economic Times, Navbharat Times, InShorts, TheBetterIndia and many other regional newspapers and blogs.

To highlight a few recent events, I completed my 2019 Summer Co-Op at Champs Software, Inc. which involved me in developing a platform for training and deploying object detection based deep learning models. The vision of the project is to build a platform suited for humans of ranging expertise levels to develop entire computer vision life cycles. Iterate from problem identification to accurate object detection, multiX faster, tirelessly managing data security, comprising of scaling level of annotations by synergizing human and AI annotators, monitoring, having granular level of access to your projects and a dashboard to manage the data-sets easily. I have attached a link in the experience section for Champs if you wish to learn more about this.

I am in the process of completing my Master's in IST from RIT and was also working as a SW Dev at DAR, RIT. I am now doing a Co-Op with Solu Technology Partners.

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What I have a good hang of?

Application Development

<react, vanilla javascript, php, java, python, android, r, flask, node.js, .net, r-shiny, html, css, bootstrap, javascript, jquery, twig, ajax, json />


Machine Learning / Computer Vision / Analytics

<tensorflow, darkflow, darknet keras, theano, scikit-learn, numpy, pandas, predictive analytics, weibull analysis, chatbot development />



<mysql, ms sql server, oracle 11g, redis, mongo, firebase realtime db, cloud firestore />



<amazon web services, heroku, firebase cloud functions, git />


Progress bars, anyone?









Visual Analytics




Applied Computer Vision




Yes. I've been around.
Jan 2020 – Present

Solu Technology Partners

Software Developer Co-Op

Rochester, NY, USA

May 2019 – Present

Champs Software, Inc.

AI/ML Engineer Co-Op

Florida, USA

To know more about my work here please visit My Experience @ Champs Software, Inc.

Feb 2018 – Present


Co-Founder and Lead Developer

Mumbai, IN

Chattodo is a productivity app packaged as a chat first app. The product has been designed keeping in mind a fundamental truth about communication, that communication must be immediately followed by action. Everything else about productivity from channels to integrations, is secondary. Also, notes is, communication with self.

Chattodo is a product where one can gain insightful knowledge on the basis of accomplishment of tasks with just some people collaborating over chats towards completing a project.

We at Chattodo are trying to make this possible by building an environment to observe conversations around tasks discussed and marked as done.

We will try to recognize knowledge that must have been earned in the act of completing those tasks and also assign a metric to it so that it can help for the purpose of assessment and thus candidate evaluation and validation.

In a gist, Chattodo is a chat-first productivity app, which is designed with small teams in mind. In the age of "move fast, fail fast", it is important to get things done. On Chattodo, users typically chat with each other just like any other messaging platform, but they see a lot more happening than just chatting.

Available on the Play Store, launched through Product Hunt with the story narrated on Medium. (Chattodo)

Technology Stack: <java for android, xml, firebase realtime db, cloud functions, php, firebase cloud messaging, firebase remote configs, heroku for other deployments />

Dec 2018 – Present

Rochester Institute of Technology

Assistant Software Developer

Rochester, NY, USA

The RIT Alumni Association proudly supports nearly 125,000 RIT alumni that live and work around the world. The dedicated staff and alumni volunteers help manage more than 30 RIT Alumni Association chapters. The goal is to help people connect with each other and RIT through community, sporting and educational events.

Work@RIT Links

Working at the Department of Development and Alumni Relations (DAR), RIT.

Working on the management and maintenance of the Drupal web environment for the "Alumni" and "Giving" sites at DAR.

Successfully deployed 10+ modules, views and 15+ pages from the staging to the production sites in my tenure here as a student worker.

Modules built include ➞ iModules Rest API ➞ iModules Analytics Client for displaying email statistics obtained from the Rest API. (Chart.js) ➞ Accordion in Accordion ➞ Custom Bootstrap Column Module ➞ Chapters and Groups ➞ FAQ Module ➞ Stories of Impact ➞ Tiger's Tale ➞ Web Forms Module

In addition to this worked on a series of pages using the above modules, existing modules and deployed them too.

Technologies, Libraries and Tools Stack: <php, twig, drupal, scss, js, jquery, chart.js, mysql, asana/>

Oct 2017 – Mar 2018

Standard Chartered


Multiple Locations

Did an independent study which involved mitigating fraud risk related to duplicate invoicing. Built upon Machine Learning techniques like Support Vector Machines, Random Forest (aka ensemble of decision trees) to achieve the same.

Technologies and Libraries used: <Python, Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn, Sklearn/>

July 2017 – Nov 2017

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Technology Analyst

Mumbai, IN

During my short tenure here, I worked on developing a couple of modules in the trade processing system which accepted trades from restful services in various formats (like FPML) and converted them all to a unified format to make further amendments on them.

Technology Stack: <java, mule esb, sql, xml, json />

Ranked first at the yearly "Flow Monster Hackathon" in the Global Technology Analyst Program for incoming technology analysts.

Dec 2015 – Feb 2017

KeyQual Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Software Engineer

Mumbai, IN

KeyQual Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a Govt. of India affiliated "Innovative" Startup. (DIPP149). Keyqual got supported by NASSCOM 10000 Startups, E-Sparks Viridian Accelerator, IvyCamp, Youth4Work, Smeep Technologies, Nityam i-Tech (Software Distribution) & The Resume Company.

While working at KeyQual I built a couple of retrieval based bots for the company. NetXit is a chatbot for an online work exchange platform for connecting B2B and B2C. Keyhire chatbot targets the social hiring segment with functions such as Job Search, Applications, Evaluations and Corporate - Candidate Reverse Connect.

Stack: <tensorflow, nltk, dual encoder lstm, numpy, pandas,the ubuntu dialog corpus for conversational needs and a redis database in the background for retrieving data related to the specific chatbot />

Also, developed a responsive job portal which had the following functionalities: Mobile Compatibility, Authentication, SSL Certification, Runtime Notifications, Google Maps API Integration, Pagination, Filters, Social Sharing. Extracted data (in structured form) from web portals in huge numbers and managed storage of the same in the database at runtime. One of the key features in the making was the creation of a sub job portal dynamically just at the press of a button along with a completely responsive admin dashboard for the new registration.

Stack: <python, php, html, css, javascript, jquery, ajax, angular, json, beautifulsoup, sql />

Dec 2015 – Jan 2016

Mahindra & Mahindra

Data Analytics Intern

Mumbai, IN

Analyzed data on automotive car components and developed a predictive model for survival and failure of the same. The technique used for modeling failure was Weibull; and Kaplan Meier, Nelson Aalen were the methods used for analyzing survival of the components.

In addition to the above, also analyzed sales data (Bolero sales in Chennai) and predicted sales forecast of upcoming 6 months for the same using the ARIMA Model.

Technology Stack: <r, r-shiny />

Paper I: International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering | Volume 4, Issue 5.

Paper II: International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science | Volume 8, No. 9, November-December 2017

Feb 2016 – Apr 2016

Velociti Pvt. Ltd.

Android Development Intern

Bangalore, IN

Developed an android application to manage an optimized solution for local logistics and transportation needs for both businesses and consumers in the urban areas.

Technology Stack: <java for android, node.js,, postgresql, google maps api, tookan api, json, aws />

Dec 2015 – Dec 2015

Big Rattle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Android Development Intern

Mumbai, IN

Developed an Android Client for Google Adwords which automates the process of keyword bidding and managing campaigns.

Stack: <java for android, google adwords api, oauth 2.0., php />

June 2015 – July 2015

Air India Ltd.

Web Developer (Intern)

Mumbai, IN

Developed the internal website and inquiry portal for Air India Engineering Services Ltd.

Stack: <html, css, javascript, jquery,, sql />


My constant companion
2018 – 2018

Columbia University in the city of New York

MicroMasters, Artificial Intelligence [ColumbiaX on edX]

2018 – 2020

Rochester Institute of Technology

Masters, Information Sciences and Technologies

Rochester, NY
2013 – 2017

University of Mumbai

Bachelor of Engineering Computer Engineering
CGPI: 8.61/10

Mumbai, IN


What people have to say?

These are my words not only to recommend Nirbhay but to express my gratitude to the universe to have given me a brother who has the heart to bring the goodness in the world, the kind I am after. May you and I, do relentlessly, whatever be necessary forward on our mission, with our baby - I met Nirbhay 2 years ago just after I finished writing and drawing the wire frames of my most important vision. I had met a lot of software engineers on my journey forward till then, but I was looking for someone ‘more’ than that. I needed someone to not just code the product Chattodo, but to immerse themselves in the front line of our mission. A mission, not for the faint hearted. A mission that requires humans of immense courage and conviction. In short, a coder who was willing to be an entrepreneur of soul. In Nirbhay I found that ‘more’. His ability to work hard in situations of odds and disagreements, all the way to bringing a product design to its functional shape and form, at such a young age, is a testimony to his potential. Nirbhay, thank you for joining me on my wild goose chase; and aiding me with your technological brilliance to catch it. I hope you will continue timelessly to help me tame it. I am inspired to lead a team that has you, as my best man. You have the ability to shine far above and beyond all your contemporaries. You deserve endless adulations and love from me for you have the balls to go all in, with or without any immediate rewards. That is why you will win, and in the process inspire many capable engineers to back humans of soulful visions and plans. The world needs more people growing up the way you are. Cheers to love, dreams, occasional conflicts and world improving AI, over an underlying permanent togetherness of you and I. Thanks once again for not giving up and putting mission above one’s own self. I am dedicating a poem by Rudyard Kipling called If, to Nirbhay. I highly recommend Nirbhay to everyone who stumbles upon his name. His best is obviously yet to come.

#AI #disruption #education



Happy times!

Government of India and IIT Bombay Make in India Hackathon

Ranked first at the 2016 MII Hackathon conducted by IIT Bombay. The project topic was Automated Irrigation System with Predictive Analysis of Crop growth.

Facebook, Cimpress and IIT Bombay ESummit 2017 <​I_HACK> Hackathon

Ranked first at the 2017 Hackathon conducted by IIT Bombay powered by VistaPrint and Facebook. The project topic was: Vistaprint Chatbot

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Flow Monster

Ranked first at the yearly "Flow Monster Hackathon" in the Global Technology Analyst Program for incoming technology analysts.

Standard Chartered Technology Hackathon

Won the first place at the 2017 Standard Chartered Tech Hackathon. Built a Support Vector Machines based application to mitigate fraud risk related to duplicate invoicing.

Mastek Hackathon 2016

Ranked third at the 2016 Hackathon organized by Mastek Ltd. The project topic was: WIT – Watch it together.


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